Metamorphosis Reimagined

Metamorphosis Reimagined is a film series and immersive outdoor show exploring themes of psychological, sociological, and urban transformation. Under the backdrop of a global pandemic and recent racial reckoning, the audience will be taken on a journey through the predominantly black neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn to discover the significance of how art, historic buildings and urban developments shaped and continues to influence the growth of a community and its people. 

The Pop-Up Showing
The Film Series

Rachel Watson-Jih shares about her new found freedom in rediscovery her fearless, dare-devil, child-like self. A coming back to and a choosing to face herself and the world around her with new eyes. 

Malie Wee shares her story about the weight and release of expectations- a journey home.

Jazmine Dinkins shares about a season in her life where she had to intentionally choose JOY in the mundane day to day. She is inviting us into her "JOY BOX".