Created by Rachel Watson-Jih


Movement Meditation is a practice where individuals are guided through movement, meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises to reconnect with their unique movement language, create inner peace and spark joy. 

Who is this for?

Companies or organizations who would like to offer these sessions to their employees as a space to improve their overall mental health and well being. Employees who are looking for an opportunity to step away from work, connect with their mind and body, and then re-engage with work in a meaningful way. 


Renewed energy, stress relief, improve mental health, spark joy

prevent burnout, build community, improve productivity and individual well being

provide safe space for people to express themselves

improve cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone, balance, and coordination

boost mood, improve body image, provide an opportunity for fun that may lower anxiety

movement that becomes intentional, self-empowering and healing

physical expression that expands communication to not just words


After nearly a decade of teaching dance with Alvin Ailey Arts in Education and Community Programs where she worked with individuals battling dementia, children with special needs, aging adults, and all ages in between, she is ready to bring her experience and passion for movement in a mindful and meditative way to everyone. She has performed as a professional dancer in NYC for 10 years, and is the Founder and Artistic Director of Blue Morph Collective. 

Sessions can be conducted in person or on a virtual workspace

For session package and pilot session rates contact